Sunday, September 25, 2011

Officially Fall but Still Summer

We’ve had another lovely day here – warm enough for reading on the swing. I finished “The Fire Dwellers” by Margaret Laurence which was a most excellent read. I felt like reading it again right away! But instead I downloaded a somewhat trashy novel from the library – a bit of fluff for a warm day. The next novel after that is “The Edible Woman” which I read years ago – time for a re-read.


Yesterday was gloomy and grey but still warm. We headed into town to visit with Carm’s mom and run a few errands.


20110924_property_007 20110924_property_006

What have the pleasures been? I have been forgetting to track them! However there are a few things that stick out.

  • eating delicious sandwich from a little hole in the wall Italian food store – yum. And the bread is just so gosh darn good, chewy and crusty – the best. We were so hungry and the sandwiches were just so tempting that we ate them in the car.
  • sipping (guzzling?) bubbles – we picked up a new one by Wolfe Blass at Vintages yesterday – it was really very good.
  • laying on the swing reading – could it really have been nice enough in late September for some swing time?
  • tomato salads – our menu items have been pretty limited these days as we just can’t get enough of the tomato salads and we know the frost will soon be here.
  • drinking an icy cold beer with Carm and Peter when they got back from a day of golf.
  • having the day all to myself.
  • here’s what’s not a pleasure though – constant hot flashes!!!! What is up with that and when will they be over? I hardly know what to wear. Nothing or warm sweaters?

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert Camus