Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fridges and Fleas

Here we are, Saturday afternoon, sitting at the picnic table at Riverside Cedar campground. The weather is perfect and sunny, so sunny in fact that we put up our new sunshade. We thought that it could be rolled up in the awning but the instructions say not to – bummer – it is a bit awkward getting it threaded into the awning groove. Maybe it will get easier with use.


The camper went in on Wednesday (as scheduled) for fridge replacement. We picked it up the next day, brought it home and loaded up to be ready to hit the road on Friday. Well… it’s not working so well and we can’t figure out why. As per instructions from the RV place we have been moving the sensor – it’s gotten a bit colder but not as cold as it should – I wonder how much that has to do with the bazillion times we’ve opened the fridge to test the temp.

Thursday I had a few itchy spots – little bug bites that I thought might be spider bites? Friday morning I woke up with tons more bites, maybe as many as 40 or 50 (ewwwww) – “I wonder if we have fleas”? Looked on Spike and sure enough some flea dirt and even one flea. Yuck yuck yuck. Off to the vet for some spot on treatment but first baths for the dogs. We might have them in check (hope, hope, hope) but we won’t know till we are back at home. In the meantime my skin is crawling and every little itch feels like a flea (I haven’t actually seen one on myself). We don’t know where they came from… not that it really matters.

I think this is our third year of being here at Riverside for a week during this time period. The park is practically empty, even on a Saturday. Upper Canada Village is not too busy. The weather has always cooperated, and it is a good way to spend my birthday week!

The first birthday week treat was had today – the most amazing butter tarts from a little bakery in the nearby town. So, so good. She has trouble keeping them in stock (we got the last two) and I’m not at all surprised (although a bit – it’s just a  little town). On our way to the bakery we saw signs for a new dog park that opened. Of course we had to track it down even though we didn’t have the dogs with us – it is a nice little fenced area - we will certainly make the trip with the dogs during the week (we’ll have to get more butter tarts too). It’s not as nice as the one in Kingston that we found – it was awesome – but will do for stretching their legs.

Our dogs are not experienced dog park attendees though. Spike can be a bit aggressive if he feels overwhelmed or threatened. Kabira is unsure of other dogs and will just stand behind me. Bella though will play after a few minutes. If we go early in the day perhaps we’ll have it to ourselves.

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.
Norman Vincent Peale