Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another 70s Mammal

I got back on the treadmill today! A one week “break” and I could feel the difference – it was harder again. While I was power walking to the sounds of music, the 70s classic “Fox on the Run” started playing. Ummmm… okay… sure. Catchy tune though!

I don't wanna know your name
'Cause you don't look the same
The way you did before

Okay, you think you got a pretty face
But the rest of you is out of place
You looked all right before

Fox on the run
You scream and everybody comes a running
Take a run and hide yourself away
Foxy on the run, f-foxy
Fox on the run and hide away… ~

"Fox On The Run" was written by Scott, Andrew / Priest, Stephen / Connolly, Brian / Tucker, Michael.


Myna asked me on Facebook this morning how my “clean” eating was going. Well, up until the party, it was going well. I would say that 80% of eating was low gluten, vegan whole foods. Except for take out once a week or so… Was I losing weight? No. But since I have been strength training and exercising I have been putting on muscle, and I think losing fat (at least that’s what I’m telling myself!). I have visible muscle in some places now and catch myself flexing them in the mirror – what a goof! I feel good! (not today after a week of junk food tho).

Spring isn’t here yet. It is a bright winter day, with temps well below freezing, but thankfully a strong sun. Looking outside it could be the middle of winter. Bleck.



Here’s a new word for you:  Collywobbles: pain in the abdomen and especially in the stomach; a bellyache.

I was awake for a few hours last night with collywobbles, probably due to the chips I ate before going to before bed.


Mind is everything. Muscle - pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind. ~Paavo Nurmi