Sunday, March 2, 2014

You will get what your heart desires

It was the middle of the night and I was standing stunned by the fridge, wondering if I should have a snack (maybe that would help me sleep). Right in front of me was photo of the prairies, and stuck to the same magnet was a fortune from a cookie “Good luck bestows upon you. You will get what your heart desires.”. The photo had been on the fridge since the fall of 2012, the fortune stuck with it sometime after that. I had never purposely paired the two, but last night I was struck by the truth – I did get what my heart desired – a fantastic RV trip to Alberta (cue the music that will make me cry, and here’s another one I just discovered).


Maybe I need to stick another photo under that fortune for my next destination desire – or perhaps a photo of me sleeping… the elusive sleep.

Oh, I did have a snack (banana with peanut butter), and no, it did not help me get back to sleep. I seem destined/doomed to being awake for hours in the depths of the night. If only it were a more productive time of day, but I can hardly start doing noisy things at 2am. And I think getting on the treadmill for my workout would be REALLY counter-productive.

Yesterday was a fun and active day that started off with my normal exercise routine, which was followed by a visit from Christina to go snowshoeing. I was a bit apprehensive about her visit – she’s in pretty good shape and I hadn’t been on my snowshoes since sometime in December. Well, I surprised myself (in a good way). I was easily able to keep up with her, and even carry on a conversation. I will admit to having sore and stiff legs today though!

When we got back to the house, Carm’s friend Ken, and his wife Francine, were there so we had an interesting visit with them.

There was not much time after everyone left before we had to start getting ready for friends James & Maria’s farewell party. They are moving back to Scotland to start a B&B – all the best of luck to them. It was a fun gathering, a good meal, and even a bit of dancing.


Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.

~Hans Christian Andersen