Saturday, March 1, 2014

We Made it Scot Free

Our annual trip to the spring RV show was Friday. I don’t know why we go, perhaps it is just a nice outing. There were lots and lots of 5th wheels, but only one that we even remotely liked, of course since we weren’t actually shopping it was fine. Several had interesting features, like a huge pantry, double fridges, and a sofa in the bedroom, but overall we still like ours best.

The show also featured many travel trailers, many more than previous years, and most of them large. Financial times must be changing for the better. I was disappointed to only see a few class b’s and c’s – I always like looking in them and imagining the freedom to just drive.

Since T&T is just around the corner we took our opportunity to stock up on garlic chilli sauce and siracha (they go in almost everything I cook!). Of course the dogs scored some pork neck bones – a big favourite. The produce section is also great – Sunday night we’ll have Asian style soup with snow peas, carrot, fresh basil, fresh lemon grass, some lime leaves, and the sweet potato noodles that we found. I forgot the little red peppers so will have to use pepper flakes. I love those flavours and could eat Asian, Thai, or Vietnamese food almost every day.

The trip to the show makes two times that I made it out of the house this week! Both days were sunny, but cold. Surely winter will break now that it is March. The bad thing with going out for the day is that I miss my time on the treadmill. I did manage to walk 18.5 miles this week though! I guess I put in some hard and long days.


I’ve been working on increasing my time at higher inclines, it is a little bit of HIIT. Today I was doing my little stretch at 6% (the tm only goes to 8%), and was thinking of the hill at Kirsten’s farm in NZ – if I recall, that hill was an average of 22% incline, so really, I have no hope of getting in good enough shape to just walk up it! There is a picture of me lying on the ground, all exhausted, as we made our way to the summit – it was just a joke, or that’s what I told them as they took the photo and I took the opportunity to catch my breath! Both my nieces were running around as we made the climb – oh to be so young and fit.




I had gained the summit of a commanding ridge, and, looking round with astonishing delight, beheld the ample plains, the beauteous tracts below. ~Daniel Boone