Tuesday, February 16, 2016

and so it snows

Large flakes of snow mixed with ice pellets are falling from the thick clouds that are overhead. We haven't had many snow days this winter so I suppose we are due. It is a good excuse (as if I need one) to curl up on the couch with my tablet to do some writing for the next few meetings. At least it would be good if my brain wasn't a bucket of sludge.

As it was, I spent an hour outside shovelling off the back deck. The size of a city driveway, 14'x52', it is hard work, especially when covered with close to 30 cm of snow. My lack of fitness was highlighted by the effort.

Carm struggled to get the snowblower going and when he finally did, got going on the laneway. Thank goodness we aren't in a snow belt. I do remember that when we got the snowblower it was to be used for clearing out the end of the laneway and not for full fledged snow clearing… we had a guy for that… I guess Carm misses grass cutting!

Yesterday morning an email arrived informing me that the video crew would be arriving early, and here were the questions they'd be asking - they'd like to start filming today instead of Wednesday… Oh my. I whipped around the house tidying, Carm got to work with the vacuum, and then I sat down to formulate my answers. The crew arrived: 4 young women, plus our friend Cathey. They looked around and decided where to shoot the interview then got to work setting up lights and camera. During that time, every intelligent thought and word flew out of my head and I was left a yammering idiot. I would have been golden if I could have read from my document, but that wouldn't work as my eyes would be glued to my screen and not looking at the young lady who was seated just off camera. So I stuttered and blurbed out unintelligible answers. I was disappointed in myself. I heard that the editor is skilled so hopefully she can piece together something halfway good.

The filming only took 30 to 40 minutes, but by the end I felt like I had done a six hour exam. I was exhausted. Obviously the people who do this sort of thing regularly are in 'better shape' than I.

Wednesday they arrive in the morning for another few hours of shooting, this time the b-roll. Those are the shots that will play while my voice drones on. Spike will get to do some work for that. Unfortunately I have confused him about some things as I was trying to teach him one more fetch. He used to run for my socks or a tissue, but now he tries to bring the other thing first. Good planning Laura.

Do you remember the days when you had to manually put in a carriage return and if something changed on your page it was a devil of a job getting all the line breaks figured out? Thankfully that is ancient history.

"If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.
~Edgar Allan Poe