Friday, February 19, 2016

lights, camera, action

The camera crew arrived this morning around 11. Spike had been puffed-up, I'd had a few coffees, Carm was clean shaven, and my hair was done. We were ready to be directed in the 'b-roll' video. Starting with Grace, we moved through the house recording various actions and creatures. Spike got my socks. He got a tissue too but the camera equipment was in his way so he had to be helped a bit. Carm and I cut brussels sprouts together. I worked on my blog with Spike at my side. We went outside for some shots with Spike. All the dogs got out for their time on film. In the end they got 45 minutes of footage that needs to break down to 3 minutes! That's a lot of editing!

I'm glad it's over…

Yesterday I got up when the alarm jangged and dragged myself to the writing group. I had a story about building the birdroom to read, and of course I love listening to every one else's stories. We were a small group though and didn't even make it till noon.

When I got back home I was lured by the bevy of dogs on the futon to lie down for a nap - a night of tossing and turning followed by the early morning meant that I couldn't resist. I was snoring away loudly when the phone rang - it was Trudie inviting us over for supper… I thought that staying home for an early night would be the smart thing to do, but I couldn't resist the idea of her pasta sauce. I agreed with the caveat that we be home by nine.

Oh wait, Spike is wanting to say something.

"It's me, Spike. I just wanted everyone to know that it's my birthday. I'm 8 years old today - eight sounds like a big number but it is still younger than Bella and Kabira, so I guess I'm still the baby. I also want to tell you that I'm going to be famous. A bunch of nice girls came here today to take pictures of me. I showed them how I can get Laura's socks - they think I'm pretty smart, which I am. I have to go have a nap now, it's hard work being on camera for so long."