Sunday, February 21, 2016

being admired

Hi, it's Spike here. Laura is having a nap so I thought I'd tell you about my day with the girls (Laura says I should say women) with the video cameras. They first came on Monday so that I could say hello to them. They admired me and said how good looking I am and even petted Bella and Kabira. Then they wanted to hear Laura talk and put a video camera and lights shining on her, which I thought was dumb, especially since Bella, Kabira and I had to be quiet in the bedroom. Carm said our noise was interrupting the video. After they were finished listening to Laura, they said good bye to us and told us that they'd be back on Friday so they could take video pictures of me.

I remembered it was Friday when Laura got out the brush and puffed me up a bit. I don't really like the brush, but it usually means someone is coming to see me so I get a little excited. Laura got the mirror and showed me how nice I looked. I didn't really need to see in the mirror because I know I always look cute. Otherwise why would Laura kiss me all the time?

The women came with the video camera and started getting us ready. First they took pictures of Grace. Why would they want to see Grace? But then they took some pictures of us three dogs, until finally they were tired of seeing Bella and Kabira and just wanted to see me. I did all the things they wanted me to do just like a dog in the movies. I brought Laura her socks and even a tissue. I spun in circles and did other tricks. Sometimes there was equipment in the way that scared me a bit, but I tried really hard to do the things they wanted me to do. We even went outside so that they could take pictures of me walking on the snow. I must have looked good because they did that for a long time.

When we got back inside they took a few video pictures of me with Bella and Kabira. The women must have been happy with all the pictures they took because they left soon after that and were smiling and laughing. I do that to people.

Laura woke up from her nap and said I had to give the computer back to her.

Yours affectionately, Spike