Monday, August 22, 2016

a day at the lake

I've been away from my keyboard for a couple of days and for very good reasons :-)  After almost a year, we finally got together with Ruth and John for a wonderful day and night at their lakeside home. It was sweltering for some, namely Carm and John who were out on the links, while Ruth and I were comfortable on the porch. A breeze from the lake refreshed us (well… and so did some of the refreshments). I kept a light sweater on for most of the day.

The boys returned triumphant from their golf game, recounting every stroke and divot. They were hot and sweaty so we all struggled into our suits and stumbled over the rocks on the shore to get into the lake. Ahhh. What is it about swimming that is so wonderful? even if there was a bit of seaweed thrashing me as it rode on the waves that threatened to splash into my mouth

Grace had a fine time outside visiting with her cousins Cato & Bailey. The dogs stayed home with Pat for their first overnight with her.

Ruth made us a fine supper, (my measly contribution was a tomato salad), and we lingered into the night. Finally the fluffy white pillow on my assigned bed called to me so loudly that I succumbed.

We left after breakfast and got home 1 1/2 hours later - the standard time from door to door. We had a brief relax and then drove into the city so I could visit my brother, Olaf, and Carm could see his mother. Quick visits all around and we were driving in the rain to come back home. But our day wasn't over yet.

Pat, the pet sitter, came by to pick up the money I had forgotten to leave her. She had left us two beer from a local craft brewery so we had a taste testing together. It was great to get to know her better. Spike spent part of the visit glued to my feet and panting hard. I guess he thought we were going away again. We'll have to have her over here a few times before our next outing so the dogs get used to the idea that we don't always go away when Pat visits.

I can't believe I didn't take any photos. I've got to make myself carry my 'big' camera around as it is easier to set down and take a timer photo with all of us in the shot.

"Friendship ... is born at the moment when one man says to another
'What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .'”   ~C.S. Lewis

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