Saturday, August 13, 2016

rain, finally rain

The rain is coming down in a steady drizzle today - the farmers must be rejoicing as the crops were on the verge of failure. We have puddles! Or at least we did while it was raining.

I need to start getting back into writing. Sure, I've been doing my blog (sporadically and not at all for 2 weeks), but I need to expand my mind into other topics. It was March when I last felt creative and enthused. The time has now passed for hoping that the malaise would just go away - it is now time to work at it, despite what my brain offers. Tomorrow (it's always tomorrow isn't it), I plan to start back with my 10 minute free form write whatever is in my head but don't stop no matter what. The keys must keep clicking. Hopefully that will clear the cobwebs.

Have you been watching the Olympics? We watch an hour or two every night but the coverage is awful - I think all the good sports happen during the day and they don't think to rebroadcast. We did catch a bit of the trampoline last night. Wow. Those girls can do things that seem totally impossible. I've been on a trampoline and it wasn't pretty. I did jump slightly off the surface a few times and could tell that it would be fun if I hadn't have been born with such a big chicken bone. It was nice to see Canada win the Gold.

The dogs have been quiet today - they know it is raining and don't rush to the door everytime we touch the doorknob. Our pooches are usually pretty quiet though - they've long past the age of playing in the house (something that Bella and Kabira were never encouraged to do), and they have the sleeping habits of cats, or maybe they are always bored.

I was listening to music this afternoon and 'Wildfire' started playing. I always loved this song and it seems that I sang along without listening to what the words actually said. I knew that the woman died looking for her horse, but didn't clue into the man waiting to die so that he could join her. The song was sad enough to start! No need for artificial tears for me this afternoon. Is it just me or do other people cry at stupid things?

"By the dark of the moon I planted
But there came an early snow
There's been a hoot owl howlin' by my window now
For six nights in a row
She's coming for me I know
And on Wildfire we're both gonna go

We'll be riding Wildfire
She ran calling Wildfire
She ran calling Wildfire"

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