Tuesday, August 30, 2016

there shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart

Blades of dried grass scratched at my legs as I walked the familiar path around the hay field. The scent of honey hung heavy in the air. Clouds obscured the sun but the grey ceiling didn't impede my good mood. I brushed past some small white daisies with puffy yellow middles and thought they were the source of the wondrous smells, but they seemed too small and there weren't nearly enough of them to have such an impact. A grasshopper bounce off my knee.  I rounded the corner straight into a stand of golden rod. Ah ha! That was the source of the honey scent. I might have know this before, but I had forgotten, letting me make the miraculous discovery again.

We are still swimming, despite the cold nights which bring the water temp down. Today the water was 74F which cooled me down quickly after my time on the treadmill. There isn't much time spent floating around on a pool noodle when your legs are turning blue. Good though!

Do you ever have those antsy days when you want to do something (that doesn't include housework, or at least not much of it)? So many activities involve eating, and shopping was out of the question (I feel broke after the suitcases and 2 new pairs of shoes). Then we came up with a great idea! Invite Jo Ellen and Don over for bacon and tomato sandwiches - that way I control the healthiness of the food, and we get to catch up with friends. As luck would have it, they were available. We all enjoyed what remained of the afternoon on the swing, well, Jo Ellen and I did, the boys had to make due with hard chairs.

It was the perfect evening for eating outside so we ferried plates piled high with sandwiches and piping hot corn on the cob, and gathered around the table on the deck. But wait - can you call a tower of garden fresh tomatoes, strips of crisp bacon, and a slather of mayonnaise on toasted rye bread a sandwich? Technically yes, but oh they were good. So much for my plan of moderation - I man-handled two dripping sandwiches into my mouth.

Oh, and Don brought an apple crumble pie for dessert. Diet was totally out the window!

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart." ~Celia Thaxter

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