Friday, August 12, 2016


This summer has been dry and cloudless… until last night when we gathered with friends to watch the Perseids meteor shower. It was supposed to be the best display in years, and may well have been for those people lucky enough to be flying over the ceiling of clouds.

Bruce & Tina had come earlier in the day so that we could visit and float in the pool, one way to enjoy a day that crept up to 34C (40C humidex). We bobbed in the water, relaxing in the cool water; we made a whirlpool by running around the edge, pushing the water until it carried our floating bodies in a rush of water.

For supper we enjoyed some produce from their garden and things gleaned from supermarket shelves. Sausages cooked on our rarely used bbq rounded off the meal. As soon as supper was done and we had cleaned up, we jumped back in the pool, this time with noodles. A lazy evening floating passed the time until dusk. With some time left to go until the main event we retreated to the house so Bruce & Tina could watch Bill Clinton's speech from the convention.

Meanwhile, the clouds socked in.

I made the last of my seat reservations today and yes, each airline knew about me, so I feel pretty confident about my cheapOair booking! I got my tickets for an incredible price, I mean INCREDIBLE! I had a little blip of mega excitement for a moment today :-)

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