Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I'm going!

Yesterday I sat for several minutes with my fingers poised over my keyboard - clicky click and it was done: flights were booked. At least I hope it it's booked. After the fact (and this is so unlike us not to investigate everything ahead of time), we read some reviews of the company I booked from. Oh oh. It doesn't sound good - some people didn't even get on their flights and were scammed. I guess you could say that we were freaking out a bit… and were trying to figure out a way to ensure I am set for NZ.

Today I got busy with the internet and I'm now pretty sure my flights are confirmed. I'll check again in a few weeks, and then again a few weeks before my January departure. Now I can get excited! Whoa there…  I have 5 months to pack so hopefully I won't drive myself crazy (like I did last time).

Yesterday and today have continued on being hot and dry. I just looked at the temp (it's afternoon right now) and it was 34C, not counting the humidity. Yowzers! Carm is out golfing - I hope they rented a cart.

Since the 5th of July we've had 18 days over 30C.

Later… no they didn't rent a cart and Carm had heat stroke. It's not the first time but his memory is short, even though I incessantly remind. Instead of sympathy I just felt exasperated… actually no, I felt angry. When will he learn that it is dangerous.