Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I feel like I am suspended in a void  where neither time nor space exist. I feel disconnect from everything. We spent much of yesterday (Monday), inside due to the wind, and even though we tried to find windows, the expanse of water around us made me feel like I was in a Dr. Who episode.

Not to say we didn’t have a lovely day - we did. Our morning was seperate from Jo Ellen and Don as we are later risers, so Carm and I had breakfast at the buffet alone. Not really alone as we were sitting next to Julie and Dave from St Louis. After a pleasent conversation, which did nip into politics (not Carm’s doing!), we wandered around the ship, checking out the exercise deck and doing some laps, Carm shot some hoops. Back down into the guts of the ship we stumbled on Don and Jo Ellen. They had snagged comfy sofas next to a window.

The day passed much like that, highlighted by a relax at Happy Hour, followed by a nap in our cabin. That brought us to the time to get dressed up in our fancy clothes for formal night. Carm looked dashing in his new suit, and I accompanied him in a well worn dress, and sporting cleavage.

We met up with Jo Ellen & Don downstairs in the Piazza to watch the champagne fountain. Waiters were circulating with glasses of champagne which I happily accepted. I’m sure my steps were weaving due to the rolling seas.

At our reservation time we were escorted into the restaurant to a table for two. As we were about to sit down Carm and I both said “oh, I was hoping we’d be sitting with other people”, at which point the two men beside us said “so were we”. We had a congenial evening, with just a quick deek into politics (again, not Carm’s doing).

And so it went. A lovely dinner in beautiful surroundings, excellent food and nice company. But wait, the day wasn’t over yet, the theatre was yet to come :-)  

You’ll have to excuse my blathering, it has been a long day and I’ll write about that tomorrow.

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