Thursday, November 17, 2016

toward the November sky

The sun has hidden itself behind the clouds for the majority of time these last few days. I've been making sure to do things on my 'what to do if I'm feeling blue' list and it has been working. It's past mid November and I'm feeling fine.

Sunday we got our act together for a trip into the city for some grocery shopping at a store we rarely get to, a stop at PetSmart to replenish Grace's supply of pellets, and finally to drive the long, long way home. It was a nice outing and lucky for me, the sun shone. Kirsten and the girls were on my mind as we drove. Early in the morning I'd be awakened by some text messages from her, letting us know there had been an earthquake and that they were alright.

Monday was poodle day. Snip snip, buzz buzz, and they were naked and cold. I really did a number with my scissors when I trimmed their head and ears. Wowzers, Spike looks like a dork. Thankfully hair grows back…

Tuesday we cleaned the house a bit to get ready for Pat's visit. 'Pat the pet sitter' came over to see how Grace is fed, but also for a visit and beer tasting. Spike was nervous at first (we think he associates Pat with us going away), but settled down as the evening wore on. Pat offered to come here to stay for 2 nights before we go. This is fantastic as we will all feel confident, and the dogs will start to think she's part of the family.

Wednesday I went with Trudie to Morrisburg to get my haircut (again). I wasn't thrilled with my last cut which was just a few weeks ago, so I decided to join Trudie and get my hair done by the lady who I know always does a good job (she did). After the cut we poked around the area, checking out the local thrift stores. I snagged a beautiful red jacket. It is a deep, rich red that I couldn't pass up, and at $6.00 it was a great find.

Today I putzed around the house in the morning and then we went out for a drive to run some errands. I try to get out every few days as I think that helps my mood stay good, plus I wanted to wear my new coat ;-)  I had in my mind that I wanted us to get two new toilet seats… fun eh! First though, we stopped at the bakery for apple fritters.

"The wild gander leads his flock through the cool night,
Ya-honk!  he says, and sounds it down to me like an invitation:
The pert may suppose it meaningless, but I listen closer,
I find its purpose and place up there toward the November sky."
~Walt Whitman

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