Sunday, November 27, 2016

getting there

After a morning of futzing around the house we decided to leave a bit early for Mom & Dad’s. It was a step closer to being on our way and that made me calm down a tiny (tiny) bit. I told the pets that it would just be 8 sleeps so hopefully they got the feeling that we’d be back soon.

A quick hug for Pat and we were out the door.

Mom & Dad were home and Erik & Juliette arrived as we pulled into the laneway so it was nice to catch up with everyone, even if it was only for half an hour or so.

Our luggage was shlepped over to Mom’s van (and counted twice), then we were on our way to the airport. We said our goodbye’s and wheeled our luggage inside. The check in machine gave us some trouble, so we ended up at the end of a longish, slowish line to get our boarding passes and check our one suitcase. That was the first line up, second was security. We bumbled our jackets, cases, purses and shoes through the scanner then moved to US Customs. The custom guy was ½ Italian so Carm and he exchanged a few words of solidarity.

A wait at the gate - longer than expected as the boarding was late, and now here we are: 34,000 ft and at the moment of writing this not far from Augusta, Georgia (home of the Masters golf tournament.

Bumpy air.

Time to put the tablet to bed until the hotel.

Sunday morning: just finished breakfast and now there are a few hours to kill until the shuttle to the ship. I’ll use part of it to finish this update, and the rest of the time looking at palm trees. Sweet.

The bed was comfortable but I hardly slept a wink - between thinking (worrying) about the pets, and worrying that the alarm wasn’t going off it was a restless night. Hopefully once on the boat I’ll settle down.

It is strange to be away from home. Even when we are on a camping trip we have our home with us, like a giant turtle, or the giant snail in ‘Dr. Doolittle’. I never could find the name of that pink mollusk. I wonder if I need another coffee?

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