Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Port day 2: St. Thomas

Port day 2: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

We were late to port this morning, wind and a late departure yesterday (people late back to boat) slowed the schedule down 2 hours. Lucky for us we had chosen a 1pm excursion so weren’t effected by the change.

Carm went up to the top to watch us come into port while Jo Ellen, Don and I watched from the comfort of our balcony. The air was warm and humid which nicely distracted us from thoughts of the impending December 1st with Christmas soon to follow.

A sort of light lunch was enjoyed at the buffet (I had some sort of sandwich and Carm had a Reuben) then it was off to our excursion.

The open air bus drove around like crazy, from one lookout to the next, each festooned with all sorts of touristy gift stands. The heat and humidity had us sweating like crazy, but you didn’t hear a word of complaint from any of us Canadians: we were happy to be out of the snow. It was a fun day (but not as much fun as yesterday), but I can’t say the excursion was wonderful. I suppose there just isn’t that much to see.

The bus dropped us off at the shops at the end of the pier and we made our way slowly back to the ship, stopping at a few shops looking for a pandora (like) charm for my braclet. I found one for $5. We almost got talked into a $200 bracelet, but I was strong. It was pretty though and I’ll probably regret not going for the ½ price deal.

We met up with Jo Ellen and Don on our balcony and enjoyed the view while we sipped wine. Can’t think of a nicer way to spend some time, especially on Nov 30th!

Supper, balcony, wander around downstairs, a great show (musical impersonator), drinks in the Piazza, back to balcony to watch the cast off, and here we are. Ready to do the fastest internet post - at $1 per minute there is no lingering!