Friday, December 2, 2016

Port day 3: Antigua

Yesterday’s stop at Antiga was lovely, after we finally got on the bus. A long line up faced us, probably no longer than the other days, but the sun was shining strongly and I was maybe a bit grumpy from being kept up late as Carm watched ‘Spectre’ on the rooms TV. Well, eventually we got on the bus and started our tour.

We drove through the town and out into the countryside, up and over the hills to the other side of the island. The dwellings ranged from poor bungalows to upscale mansions. There was hardly any garbage (unlike Porta Plata in the DR). There were fruit trees of ever variety. And loose dogs walking around (fewer that DR, and many wore collars).

After winding our way through the country side we came to the top of a large hill with the scant remains of a fort. The views were tremendous.

Back in the bus we zoomed down the hill to the remains of Nelson’s harbour. Huge sailboats and motor boats were lined up on the dock. We toured through the old buildings, had a rum drink (part of the tour), and boarded the bus.

Back at our port we tottered around looking at the shops, then mounted some steps to a small bar with free wifi. We had a local beer (2 for $5), checked our email, and posted on facebook. We are back on the boat now for 2 sea days so internet will be limited.

Today is hot with a mix of sun and cloud and high humidity. We might spend some time on the balcony, but to be honest I could just have a nap.

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