Saturday, December 17, 2016

an ordeal getting food

When we got home I told the dogs that they better appreciate the ordeal that we had gone through to get their meat. There weren't even ruts in the snow to follow on our way to the pickup place - either the snowplows had done other routes, or hadn't come out at all. Our 40 minute drive took 60 minutes.

Normally we wouldn't have poked our heads out on a day like this, but there is no other option for the dog meat. The 'guy' delivers to a drop off place 70km from here and only once a month. We get to the location and everyone lines up waiting for him to arrive. The bad weather slowed him down too so we had to wait in the freezing cold for 1/2 hour. When it is our turn we give him our money and get our bags of frozen meat bricks. We try to load the freezer so that we don't have to go every month.

You learn a few things standing in the cold like that. I learned that my new boots suck at keeping my feet warm. The sole is way too thin - maybe an insole will help. My blundstones have always kept my feet warm even though they aren't lined at all. It must be the sturdy rubber sole. Sadly the bottom of my current pair is crumbling so I used a (not so) proper winter boot.

It took ages to get warm: hot cocolate, jammie pants, fluffy blanket and finally a hot bath with a side of not so great movie. Still, what better afternoon to cocoon at home.

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