Friday, December 16, 2016

bundled up against the chill

This morning (and still), the edges of the windows were gilded with ice topped with a frosty glaze. Yes, it is cold out - there is no denying winter's imminent arrival when the temperature is stuck at -18, colder when you factor in wind chill. The dogs dash out and are back inside in an instant. No playing and hunting that squirrel that lives behind the camper.

The birds are huddling against the bird feeder and the little red squirrel scurries on the ground collecting the fallen seed, his fur fluffed up and tail curled over his back like a shawl.

We haven't been doing anything exciting lately. We were out for Chinese food with Trudie & Leo on Sunday and of course they came back to our place for a longer visit. Monday was spent with my head figuratively under the covers - I haven't been feeling so great the last week or so and tend to cocoon if my resolve to fight it wavers. I couldn't even be bothered to even do the things that I know will keep my mind healthy. Maybe it was winter stopping me. Cold, blowing snow will do that to a person.

Tuesday was dr. appointment day. My dr. is only working a few mornings a week as she is recovering from Guillain-Barre syndrome, which put her in the hospital for two weeks. Scary that something so devastating can come out of the blue. We stopped at Costco afterwards where I picked up a bathing suit which is one size too small… not very encouraging (eat more cookies, it will feel better).

Wednesday we went into town again. This time to visit Carm's mom (who still remembers who I am), and some shopping. I tried on 'the dress' that I've been obsessing over for a month - it made me look like a frumpy box. I was so disappointed… visions of Carm and I floating on the dance floor during our Mediterranean cruise were dashed…(drink some eggnog/ sans liquor, it will feel better).

Thursday Christina came over so that I could help her find a flight to Zurich. We found something, but there are lots of combinations that are totally ridiculous with hours of layover in crazy airports.

Today I am bundled up against the chill and wondering what I could do to shake off this funk. Pulling the covers over my head is only acceptable for a few days but now it is time to take action. or not.

… a little while later…

I was thankful for my warm down coat when we went into the village for a few things. On our way to the hardware store we passed the pharmacy which offered free flu shots. I don't get them every year, but since I'm going away in Jan I didn't want to take a chance, so I got jabbed. Then we went to the grocery store so I could look at the eggnog. I picked some up at the corner store the other day that is said to be the best around - it is excellent with an impressive ingredient list (milk and cream are the first two ingredients), but is expensive. The grocery store brands were about a buck cheaper but had ingredient lists that read like a chemistry experiment. I'll luxuriate in milk and cream… yum… almost addictive… really fattening… I'll burn it off on the hills of Wellington.

Back from our errands, I've changed into fluffy pajama bottoms and am cuddled under a blanket with a steaming cup of tea with lemon and honey.  Carm is on the computer looking for cruises for next winter.

Some say squirrels are rats with tails, and so they may be
But in my eyes, they are creatures both wild and free
I smile as I see two of them race up and down a tree”

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