Tuesday, December 27, 2016

ice queen

We kept power all day and night yesterday, so it was with a big sigh of relief that I pulled the plug on the bathtubs. Another power outage dodged. With freezing rain coming down all day we were housebound for Boxing Day: no family dinners, no outings to the shopping malls, no friends coming over to share our dinner.

Getting the dogs outside was fraught with peril, anytime they dashed out they all wiped out and turned around to skitter back to the house. Finally by 9pm the temperature had edged up above freezing, so, in the pouring rain, Carm chopped at the ice on the front deck and steps down to ground level. He had to take each dog on a leash away from the house so they would take care of business - there was no way they were going out into the rain willingly.

This morning much of the ice had melted, except for the thick sheet that covers the laneway. Thank goodness for my icers. They have metal grips on them and strap to my boots. I keep a pair of them permanently deployed on an old pair of boots.

Cooking onions and garlic fragrance the air. Supper will be a mushroom onion soup with lentils and red rice.  

We got an email this afternoon telling us that we can start booking our excursions for our Mediterranean trip - that is sure to banish some of these winter blues. And it is less than 3 weeks till my trip to New Zealand!

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