Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, but a little belated. Our 'New Year's Eve' was postponed by one day: the forecast for Saturday night was calling for 10 cm of blowing snow - not the weather that I wanted my guests braving. A few phone calls and it was arranged: we'd celebrate on Sunday, January 1st.

Carm and I had a quiet New Years. We ate leftover onion soup, watched 'That's Entertainment' and reminisced about years past. Near midnight we brought out some cheese & crackers and opened a  bottle of nice champagne. As the ball dropped in Times Square, we stood in front of the tv, holding hands and counting down. Then, hurrah! 2017 was here.

Sunday we steadily worked at getting ready for supper. Carm snowblowed the nights snow away, I made the batter for yorkshire pudding and started the mushroom gravy. Roast came out of the oven to rest, potatoes got peeled, green bean casserole got made… table got set… I got into the bath… dried and dressed and putting my lipstick on… the doorbell rang: it was our first guests, one hour early :-0  All I can say is thank goodness I got cleaned up when I did! Carm was still feeding the pets and in his grubbies. No worries though, everything was in control and Carm was able to dash away for his shower. I did forget to put out some of the nibbles though.

Cathey, Jim, Jo Ellen, Don, Dave and Pat were all soon gathered around the kitchen island as I put the finishing touches on supper. Oh - I wrecked the roast beef by over cooking. Very disappointed. Normally I set the thermometer for 144 which is a lovely pink roast. Since not everyone likes pink I thought I'd cook it a bit more. Well I did and it was too much. I think we'll go back to cooking something less exact next year.

Carm broke one of our nice $20 gold rimmed glasses. No big deal, except I don't know how to replace it.

I meant to do a 'grateful' around the table while we were seated, but forgot. I really need a piece of paper stuck to my hand…

It was a late night, with Pat leaving first (before the stroke of midnight), Jo Ellen and Don next, Dave stayed over, leaving Cathey & Jim taking their leave at 2:30. Ohhhh… I slept in yesterday (and today).

We got all the dishes done and put away the next morning - thank goodness that Carm is an equal participant in all of the festivities (actually, he does more of the cleanup than I do). After that was all done, I sat down to watch the Rose Bowl parade, and then some other mindless tv.

It's freezing rain again today.

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