Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ponies and War Museum

Two more days have gone by. Yesterday (Tuesday?) was quiet with walks down to the jumping ring with ponies and putzing around the property. It was a lovely, low key day. It did not, however, prepare me for the gale force winds that buffeted the caravan around as if it were a matchbox toy. It blew and blew, keeping me awake well into the night. I thought about the big tree that is just outside the door and had visions of me scquired on a fallen branch. Not good visuals to fall asleep with. I did survive (as did the tree) to see another day.

This morning the wind died down, leaving in its place a quiet rain. Nissa knocked on my door, easing me out of my slumber, to say breakfast was ready. I popped out of bed (well, not really popped, more like dragged) and the day was underway.

We had a lovely breakfast (wraps with chorizo, scrambled eggs, hot sauce and cheese), and laughed at all manner of things. Our visit lasted until we decided to take advantage of the poor weather and get a few things done in Wellington. Nissa got her school supplies then Kirsten drove us over to the War Museum.

One would think that one batch of war stuff would be enough, but the girls thought I should see this museum as Peter Jackson (a ‘la Lord of the Rings), had a hand in its design. As promised it was an educational display. I was careful this time to not get emotionally invested and managed to leave without crying. At the end, we settled ourselves in the charming coffee shop with coffees and some cakes that I can’t remember the name of.

Time to go home, with a quick stop into the grocery store. The skies cleared as we got close to home.

I am about knackered and couldn’t go on without a long nap and some quiet wind down time after to write my blog. I believe it will still be an early night to bed.

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