Friday, January 20, 2017

Second day - lots of tack shops and a big walk

My second day in New Zealand was a busy one. There was a tack sale on at a store a distance from here so we bundled into the car and took a scenic tour. I had forgotten how curvy the roads can be and my stomach had too… I came pretty close to getting Kirsten to pull over so that I could puke. Luckily at the very sickest spot we came into the city to some straight bits so my stomach was able to recover. Also, I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to get my request out without heaving so I kept my mouth firmly shut.

The rest of the day was fine so maybe I’m getting used to the curves. Carm: remember in St. Thomas that I said the roads were like NZ, well, they don’t hold a candle to Kirsten’s road.

Once home I changed into some walking gear and got ready for a short walk up the hill a ways. Huffing and puffing and at times wondering if I was going to die, Kirsten and I made it almost all the way up. I was pretty proud of myself for getting so far up. I had forgotten though that getting down was just as hard, only in a different way. It didn’t wind me like the trek up did, but my legs were like rubber, especially in the spots where we had to go sideways.

Kirsten (I don’t know how she did it after such a long day) made us a late supper which we all enjoyed.

Now it is time for bed. Too sleepy to include photos - I’ll do a photo essay tomorrow.

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