Saturday, January 28, 2017

Jumping around

Ponies, ponies everywhere as is often the case but Saturday was exceptional. We girls got up at the crack of dawn, downed an eggy breakfast (eggs donated by Kirsten's free-range flock), then loaded Nissa's two ponies onto the float (the NZ word for horse trailer). Kirsten expertly drove us down the narrow roads until we reached the "highway" north towards our destination.

Driving from her place to Karori is a feat without a float. Once we got into the city we had to traverse some narrow streets with cars conveniently parked on both sides of the road, necessitating cars from both directions to drive outside their lane. I didn't gasp out loud, but… under my breath I might have.

After just over an hour we reached our destination, a few grassy fields with jumps set up and lined with floats and ponies everywhere: tied to floats, walking around, cantering around practice fields. The excitement was palpable. The girls unloaded Babe and Navaho and got them tacked up and ready for the first practice round. It didn't initially go well, with lookie loos over each jump, but the second time around Nissa was like a pro.

The class started and it was a go. Nissa rode each pony to a fifth place ribbon, which was an accomplishment as the 'circuit' ponies were also competing. (a circuit pony is one that is ridden in almost every competition around, trying to get points for some prize - Nissa only competes a few times a year, so being in the standing with the experienced riders is something.)

We had to wait around for the next class and enjoyed watching horses and ponies jump their rounds. Finally it was Nissa's turn to careen over a set of high jumps. I watched with my heart in my throat but she got through the jumper round with no faults.

With all the jumping over we packed up and drove home. Kirsten and I had a little rest while the girls did more horsey things. When Shenna was ready for her ride Kirsten and I put on our walking shoes and walked down the road with her. Once back at the house we got busy getting supper ready. Kirsten made some dumplings - our late nod to Chinese New Year. It was late by the time we ate, but it was worth the wait.

My eye started twitching partway through the evening, a sure sign that I was over tired. Time for bed.

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