Friday, January 27, 2017


Thursday we puttered around the house and did pony time in the morning and were ready to head out to Zealandia by mid afternoon. Zealandia is a chunk of land that has been surrounded by a specially designed fence that is impenetrable, even to mice. They are slowly reinstating a New Zealand as it was before introduced species wreaked havoc. It is a beautiful sanctuary for birds and reptiles.

A Kiwi skeleton

The KaKa, a native New Zealand parrot.

It was a great visit with lots of birds seen and heard.

Today (Friday) we putzed around the house for the morning as Nissa got ready for tomorrow’s horse show. In the afternoon Kirsten and I went to Moore Wilson’s, a sort of grocery store. There was an accident on the Macara Hill - a truck driver smashed into a small car as it cut a blind corner. Very scary. There were a few gasps of expletives by me as we made our way downtown as there were more than a few cars on our side of the line.

Tomorrow: horse show.

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