Friday, January 20, 2017

Photos from second day

I was too tired last night to do up the photos from yesterday, but this morning I’m slightly more alert. Here are a few to give you a taste.

Kirsten and the girls at the beach near some of the tack shops we stopped at. The tide was high so we couldn’t get down to the actual sand. Well, Shenna took off her shoes and scampered in the waves.

Here we are at another pull-off. We could see the South Island from here. Very pretty.

This was along the road to Kirsten’s house. The entire length is like this as the road snakes along the hills like a slippery serpent bent on confounding the brain and stomach.

This is partway up the hill. There are points where the views are spectacular and the perfect point to catch my breath and let my pounding heart calm down a bit.

Kirsten along one of the tracks we traversed. They had a digger come out a few years ago to cut some more paths into the hillside. On each side of the path is a thick covering of prickly gorse which was introduced sometime in the past. It is impenetrable, except by the wild pigs.

My second full day was full of adventure!

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