Tuesday, January 10, 2017

more of a nuisance

The snow is just starting to fall, small flakes that are more of a nuisance than a wonder. I may have thought differently at the beginning of winter, but boy, now I’m sick of it. Everytime I think I might want to go into the city the roads turn to a slippery mess. To make matters worse, the forecast is for freezing rain or rain overnight. Luckily we are safely in for the day/night..

The snow coming down has triggered a ‘go south’ response in Carm - he’s on the internet now looking at Caribbean cruises for next December. I’m playing around with my suitcase and dreaming of the hills of NZ.

I got my hair butchered yesterday. She took off way more than I wanted, so now I look like a rosy cheeked, fat little boy. I’m not sure why I keep going back to the same place - I should make the 45 min drive all the way down to Morrisburg - but convenience always wins out. And price. A cut, with tip, is $18. I guess you get what you pay for…

It is hovering around 0C today so we took the opportunity to change the oil in the snowblower. A thick, black ooze dripped out of a tube and into the empty can of Medaglia dOro that I held in my hand. We haven’t drunk that coffee since we bought the Keurig,  but since I rarely throw anything away we still have some of the lidded cans.

Everyday Facebook shows me a few posts from ‘this day’ in previous years. I read the blog posts and wonder why I can’t seem to recreate what I think was not too bad writing. For the past year I have struggled and toiled trying to make my creativity return. At times it is immensely depressing. I used to love writing, but now it feels like more of a chore.

I just checked my records and the decline in writing corresponds almost exactly with when my doctor increased one of my medications. Coincidence? The lack of energy that I usually experience tracks to the same time. It also corresponds with a more stable mood and outlook. Gosh, it can be hard to balance everything.

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