Tuesday, January 17, 2017

wild blue yonder

9pm Ottawa time: I’m airborne, somewhere north of Thunder Bay. A fraction of my journey is done. We left the house this afternoon at 4pm and I count that as the start of my trip. Carm was a sweetie and came into the airport with me till I got my boarding passes - all the way to Wellington, and my bag is checked all the way as well. We mentioned to the Air Canada person that I didn’t have much time in Vancouver coming home and she reassured me that if I didn’t make the transfer they’d still get me home eventually. I’ve been trying not to think of the 1 ½ hour flight connection coming home and stressing already about it, so it was nice to have someone calm me down!

The flight to Vancouver isn’t full at all, in fact the middle seat is empty, a nice spacer between me and the guy in the asile seat. We have had some turbulence, which is no darn fun at all. I brought some of my own snacks with me so didn’t buy the airline ‘food’, but a nice meal from days of yore would have passed the time nicely.

I’ve watched one movie so far: ‘The Secret Life of Pets’. Cute.

I never did find the pink headphones, and the ones that I brought in their place (bad turbulence) don’t work in one ear. I might have to shop in Vancouver if I have a few minutes.

1am Ottawa time: The flight arrived into Vancouver on schedule. I’ve talked to Carm, eaten a very expensive, crappy sandwich, walked around, and now I’m sitting at the gate. The next flight (to Brisbane) boards in less than an hour.

Fingers crossed for good seat-mates. The guy in front of me was a royal PITA with putting the seat back all the way back and forth, nearly braining me a few times and making the tv hard to watch. So here’s hoping.

Soon to be on the other side of the world, Laura

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