Saturday, January 14, 2017

only 2 sleeps left

Blood everywhere. One of the dogs got nicked when I clipped their nails (Bella and/or Spike) and in their joy of the task being done pranced all around the great room, leaving a track of bloody spots as they went. I whisked them into crates and got my mop out. Geesk, no wonder none of us like this task.

Carm went to visit his mom this afternoon leaving me to my last ‘by myself quiet afternoon’ for over a month. I puttered around the house, playing with my suitcase (can I fit another bottle of tums?), and doing other small tasks to keep my mind a tiny bit busy. I should have done a full-on house cleaning, but to be honest it didn’t really cross my mind until it was too late (oh sure).

Unfortunately the weather forecast didn’t exactly pan out - the call for a sunny day was a lie, instead there were low, grey clouds pressing down.