Friday, January 13, 2017

everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead

Pace pace pace pace. A track through the dust on the floor shows my route between the spare bedroom where my suitcase is and the kitchen counter where my coffee is quickly cooling. Packing is done, mostly. Just have to get a few more bottles of tums to squeeze into the empty spots and I’m good to go. Yesterday I found a sweater at liquidation that does the job of two, so one black  hoodie left my bag. Should I put it back in just in case it is a cold summer? Maybe it will be a good excuse to buy something new over there :-)  I do have to remind myself that there are stores.

3 days left.

My panic started last night when I realized that I only have 1 ½ hours in Vancouver on the way back. Will that be enough time to clear customs, re check my bag, and get to the loading gate? I remind myself that there is nothing that can be done about it now so relax. It is falling on deaf ears…

The dogs are oblivious and have even stopped lifting their heads from slumber when I get near the front door. The sunspot has slipped off the futon and onto the floor, but the dogs haven’t followed it, instead they are curled up on the soft bed, maybe dreaming about summer when it isn’t so cold to go outside.

Grace is at the bottom of her cage ripping up a shareholder's statement, a magazine sized bundle of papers. She likes reading and is well versed in financial matters.

It’s sunny but cold, and the wind is whipping the snow around in big gusts.

I finally settled into a fitful ‘rest’ on the sofa when Carm stood up from his desk and said ‘I want to go somewhere’. A drive in the car was perfect for my antsyness. We went to liquidation again today and I picked up another sweater that I liked and we got some garbage bags and a huge bag of sunflower seed for the outside birds. Really important stuff. Now I have the dilemma of what sweater to wear for travelling and if I should pack a second one in my suitcase.... (suitcase sighs and burps loudly with its ever increasing load).

I have 3 days to decide.

Everything I was I carry with me, everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead.”
~Ma Jian

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