Tuesday, November 8, 2016

second autumn

We had a brief reprieve from November weather - the last few days have been sunny and warm. Today it was over 17C with a strongly shining sun.

Are you watching the US election tonight? We have some snacks ready as if it were the Super Bowl. Will it be as exciting? I hope not… Watching the pregame show, the surrogates are sure that Donald will win. My stomach dropped at the possibility. Got any investments? Tonight will be a yay or a nay.

Sunday morning we were up early (not really, but with the change from daylight savings time the hands of the clock were earlier than I'd been used to). With the 'early' rise we decided to have brunch at Winchelsea, a specialized restaurant that generally only serves brunch on Sunday. With eggs benedict and waffles on the menu I was happy - both my favs on one plate! Hurrah.

After brunch we drove down to the Bird Sanctuary to learn about the new winter camping. There were only two campers there, but I suppose that is a start. They have to get the word out for all the other camping zealots. It was a beautiful day for a drive.

On the way home, Carm dropped me off at Trudie's so I could help her go through some garage sale boxes from the Acapulco - there was lots of junk, but I am sorry to say that I brought a few things home. All in all we got through the boxes quickly so I was hope in time to have a rest before going back later for supper.

Monday we drove into the city again (gosh there have been a lot of shopping trips), this time to look for new shoes for Carm. He has a nice pair of tan shoes but they look horrible with dark pants… so… we were on the hunt for black shoes that are comfortable and can pass in a pinch with a suit. Luckily we only had to go to two shoe stores to find what we were looking for. He's got some dancing shoes now! My honey will cut quite a swath.