Saturday, September 15, 2018

is it better early?

We were up and walking by 7:30 this morning. It is another beautiful day with high heat and humidex in the forecast so we figured it might work out better for the dogs if we went early while it was still cool. They made it for longer but lagged for part of the way. But it was definately better for them.

I didn't mention that yesterday Carm spent a good amount of time with the people across the way (Brian & Janet from Napanee), helping them get their satellite set up. He was in his glory being the know it all ;-) Brian & Janet are camping with friends (Mary & Gary) and they invited us to join them for supper in Cornwall. We went to a nice Thai restaurant and had Pad Kai Mau which was good, but not like the Green Papaya that we go to.

Brian gifted Carm with a lovely bottle of wine which was totally unnecessary!

They all came back to 'our house' for a glass of wine and the conversation turned to bridge. Well... this is in Carm's expertise so he carried forth with lots of tips, etc. I think everyone was happy (except maybe me). It was a fun night: they are all a lot of fun.

Ed and Lynn showed up this afternoon with their amazing new camper. We quickly toured each other's rigs and then sat down to enjoy some of the afternoon. Conversation was lively, but thankfully we are on the same side for the most contentious topics (big sigh of relief).

I had Spike outside for much of the afternoon and he did NOT BARK AT PASSING DOGS!!!! That is either a really good breakthrough or really bad news. Let's hope that 10 1/2 is the age that his brain finally kicked in.

It is almost 3:30 so I'd better get cracking doing some prep for supper. It's at our house tonight :-)

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