Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rain is grace

The week of beautiful summer weather has continued (and it is still officially summer). I'm still camping, although Carm isn't and has missed out on these lovely days (I think he's been doing yard work at home - I've just be lazing around).

Carm left Wednesday morning to take his mother to a doctors appointment, and, generously, stayed home to let me have the camper for a few nights of girls nights.


I can't remember how many years we have done this, but once a year my mom comes down for the night. With just the two of us we have plenty of time for visiting, without the distraction of a bunch of other people around. I love these little visits and treasure them dearly.

Of course I miss Carm, he's my steadying influence.

Mom stayed visiting for most of the day Thursday - we sat outside, adjusting our chairs into the shade as the sun moved across the sky.

What a glorious day!

I wasn't alone for long though. Our neighbours Trudie & Leo pulled into the campsite beside us, so Trudie stopped in for a quick visit late in the evening. No time to get lonely!

Now it is almost 1pm on Friday; I'm outside trying to keep in the shade as it is even hotter today. I've actually got the awning shade up (or would that be down?). Grace is outside in her little cage - I've just put in a dish so she can have a bath (she hasn't yet). The dogs are inside - I'm expecting Ruth and don't need a bunch of dogs underfoot as we unload the van of birds and other stuff needed for a girls night! (Grace - you are having friends over!)

If you read back in my blog to this time last year, you will see that Ruth came to visit then as well - like with my mom, we have had a yearly visit for a few years. If we have 1/2 as much fun (and 1/2 as much hangover!) as last year we still will have had a really good time :-)

I'll update tomorrow. You might wonder why I don't just post this today, and then write a new post for tomorrow - Carm is a good husband, but not good enough to leave me with the internet! It only seemed fair that he got to take it home as I had all the visitors... but still!

So I'll post tomorrow, which will really be today... it will be Saturday, which is tomorrow from now... oh, you know what I mean!

Tomorrow/Today/Saturday morning:

Ruth and I had a great time yesterday. We sat outside in the hot sun until it was below the trees. Then we came in to feed all the beasts: 3 parrots and 3 dogs, and 2 hungry women.

I had bought some frozen dim sum pieces to try - they were good - I'll be buying them again. Ruth made a delicious salad, and we had a tray with veggies and baguette. Pretty healthy eating wouldn't you say!

Today is cloudy and spitting rain - bother! I guess we'll be curling up with books. I just heard disparaging remarks from the people in the campsite across the way about people not coming out of their campers (I should stick my head out the door and tell them that I'm not outside because they are loud boors!). I guess it might have been directed our way as we spent the morning (Ruth left at 10) inside having our coffees and breakfasts, and I just stuck my head out the door to deploy the awning. Sorry folks - I don't feel the need to spend every minute outside with the mosquitoes and rain... plus I have a nice space inside ;-)


Later Saturday:

Carm is here – we’ve gone for a long walk, and then sat outside under the awning while it rained off and on. Then we were hungry so went to the Basket Case for their all day breakfast.

The restaurant was packed so we ended up sharing a table with a friendly young couple (Bruce & Manon). They were setting up their hobby farm for horses, building electric fence this weekend. We have lots of experience building fences so we answered some of their questions. Of course the conversation continued all through lunch and ended up with us exchanging phone numbers.

It has been raining off and on (more on now than off) so we are happy to spend the rest of the day inside, watching golf and reading.

I had a hard time chosing a quote today; should it be about all the summer we’ve been experiencing? Or the friendship of the last few days? I decided on rain, perhaps because of the raindrops on the window next to me.


Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.

John Updike