Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration

We finished the repair to our grey tank today! We have a good feeling of accomplishment as it wasn't an easy fix.

We had to drop the bottom of the trailer, remove the wet insulation, remove the old part, buy new parts, cut each of the new parts as they were too long, glue the parts together and squeeze them back in place, then finish up by putting in new insulation and screwing the bottom of the trailer back in place. Whew!

As always, we worked well together. Putting our heads together and sharing ideas helped us to solve some of the problems we ran into. Right from the beginning of our relationship we worked well together - eventually. First there was usually some yelling and shouting as we figured out the best way to approach the task. That part of the experience doesn't happen any more - we've learned to listen to each other better.

We've tackled some challenging projects over the years. One of the big ones that stands out in my mind is when we finished the bird room. Picture a sheet of plastic 14' high by 100' long. One giant piece of wallpaper that we couldn't get any holes in. We wanted the plastic to go around the whole room, including the ceiling. There was only a seam down the centre of the ceiling and where the ends joined by the door. Wow! There was some yelling over that one, but once we had it figured out we worked well and got the job done. (we had to make a big jig for that one). Wallpapering is child's play after that!

Another big one - we designed our own house, and survived the building process (we had a general contractor). I think we only had one big argument over that one, which is amazing when you think about it!

I think the biggest project that we did together is when we built the barn. We had help from friends and family, and we hired someone to do the tin roof, but otherwise we did it all. It was a huge job but we got it done. And it turned out pretty darn well! I still feel a good feeling of accomplishment when I look at it.

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
Mattie Stepanek


  1. Congrats on the repair. I would have likely had someone else do it:(

  2. Craig and I have done many projects together over the years. I wish I could say we have learned to listen to each other better. I think it has gotten worse because I refuse to be yelled at for making suggestions. I think, that is the problem. I think!

    But the storms always pass and the projects get done. It's just not fun.