Sunday, September 1, 2013

We Made It!

We wound our way through the forest of camper bashing trees this morning and got on the Trans Canada at about 9:20. We have about 4 1/2 hours of driving (not counting stops) today – not as long as previous days, but long enough.


We are on our way home. I’ll have to admit to a few tears this morning – I really don’t want it to end.

I will be glad to see Grace again, we’ve missed her, but at the same time she would have been miserable on this trip – way too much time in a little travel carrier…

12:30 pm and we are on the 417, not far now. I can’t say I’m feeling excited or anxious to get home. Hopefully that will change once we are safely backed in.

We arrived safe and sound just before 2pm and have already started the herculean task of unloading the trailer and doing laundry. The place is totally overgrown, which is what we expected.

The dogs seemed happy to get home. Bella sat up in the back seat for the last 10 miles, unusual for her as she normally sleeps till arrival. Maybe there was something in the air that made her think we were getting close to home.

I can hardly wait to have a good, long soak in the tub – one of the only things I miss about home!


  1. Welcome home from this gigantic tour this summer. For me it was so great to finally meet you, Carm and so many of our family. It has been a pleasure to follow your journey across Canada.

  2. If your travels had to end, I'm glad your are all well and safe. Welcome home.

  3. The next adventure is just around the corner.