Saturday, August 31, 2013

Second Last Day

drive, drive, drive, drive, drive…


Too many long driving days – today we left at 8am, it is 3pm now and there is still over an hour to go. I feel sick of it. Carm is sick of it. I’m pretty sure the dogs are sick of it. They are all sitting or lying in the backseat with their eyes wide open, just blankly staring.




Is this misery ever going to end? Will we ever get there?


I can’t count the number of lakeview or lakeshore drive, hotel, resort, rv campground, restaurants that we’ve seen.

This morning we managed to book the last campsite at Samuel de Champlain provincial park. Lucky, cause the private park that I called was booked up. Unfortunately it is just a bit farther than we would have cared to drive. On the good side is that we’ll be able to check out another provincial park!


We’ve made a few stops today, but nowhere pretty. We stopped in some dinky little town at a little chip stand for lunch – pogos and chips – blah. And a coke for me. After months of little to no soft drink consumption I’ve taken to having a coke or root beer on the road. A coffee would do the trick too – I just need that mid-day boost.

Past North Bay we’ve been seeing signs for Ottawa.



We are here at the park. It isn’t surprising that this site was still unbooked – it is totally unlevel, impossible to get into, and about 100’ to the power outlet. As it turns out, with some advice from a neighbouring camper, we pulled into the non-camper part of the site. And we still needed 3 boards to get reasonably level…


We prefer “parkland” style parks, and this is not one of them. Nor is there any great lake to swim in!


But we are here and still, so that’s a good thing. It would be better still if the campers across the road from us didn’t have a dog that barks often, and all of them seem to have loud voices that carry easily into our camper.

It must be time to get home…