Saturday, August 17, 2013

the sun jumping into a stream

back into the past again, this time to Thursday

I'm running out of superlatives...

First, I'll roll back to Wednesday night when we had neighbouring Titanium owners over for a visit. It was pleasant getting to know Roy & Linda. We've met more people, and spent more time socializing that we would have all summer at home!

Back to the superlatives... Thursday morning we headed to Lake Louise and then Field, BC. We made it all the way to BC! Not with the camper mind you, but I think it still counts ;-)


We got to Lake Louise around 10am and it was already starting to fill up. There was no chance at all of getting the classic photo, but as we discovered there were a million equally beautiful shots to be had where there were less people. There is a trail that hugs the lake all the way to the other end. It was only 2.5km one way so we grabbed the dogs and set out to be wowed. And wowed we were.



Our eyes were filled with beautiful vistas for every step of the walk. Words can't really describe. The only slightly downside was that it was overcast and grey. Perhaps that only accentuated the colour of the lake itself.



We got lots of compliments on our beautiful dogs, and many people even knew that Kabira is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. The dogs of course were well behaved and stuck close to our sides, admittedly helped by the prong collars. They were on high alert with all the wild smells.





After being awestruck we loaded up for the next part of our trip. We wanted to make a little deek into BC and Field was the closest destination. Along the way we stopped at the Spiral Tunnels, yet another marvel of engineering. The obstacles in the way of the railroad must have seemed insurmountable. It is a testament to the human spirit that it was accomplished.


Field was a tiny little town with lots of Bed & Breakfasts and not much else (other than a gas station with astronomical prices - thankfully we didn't need gas).

We had thought to take the 1A and tour Johnston Canyon, but we had a time constraint (and we missed the turnoff - long story). We were expecting company for dinner again, but I'll talk about that in the next post.
On our way back to Banff the sun came out in fits and starts. And suddenly, looking out of the side window, the sun WAS jumping into a stream (from the Roam song that started our trip).


We got back to camp with a little time to spare so we decided to "take the waters" again at the Hot Springs. Lovely after a long walk :-)

DSCN2940The mountains are beautiful – will we get to go for another walk?

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