Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fort Walsh

I should get Carm to do a write up about Fort Walsh, but for now you can just Google it. It is a simple fort, the first of the NWMP outposts.

After spending time in the museum we walked down the hill to the actual fort. Carm got onto the tour, I sat in the shade with the dogs and enjoyed the day. There were swallows swooping right in front of me – I wasn’t bored. Not to mention there were a few young men that came over to see if there was anything I needed ;-)

Carm enjoyed the tour, which lasted about an hour.  We met up with some other people later that had been on the tour – apparently Carm did a reading by Sitting Bull that brought tears to their eyes! I wish I had seen that.









The dogs just chilled out. It was a beautiful day, sunny and clear, but not too hot. In fact it was a tad cool in the shade – Kabira preferred sleeping in the sun.