Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fajitas over the Fire

We had thought we might drive to Eastend today - about a 3 1/2 hour round-trip - but neither of us got moving very quickly this morning. I think we just needed a down day - we've only had one this whole trip and that was weeks ago. So I got our trip home planned and some campsite reservations made - that alone took almost 2 hours. Then we read (no naps though), had lunch, went out for ice cream, and generally just lazed about.

For supper Carm stoked up the campfire again - this time for red pepper fajitas. With last nights leftover steak in them they were perhaps the best fajitas we've ever had! It could have something to do with the red peppers slow cooked in the cast iron skillet over a hot fire. And the incredible bits of Alberta beef. Or eating outside. It all adds up to Yummmm.

What could finish off any meal better? Toasted marshmallows :-)

Even the dogs got to eat 'al fresco'. The perfect end to a perfect day.

Happy Tails!