Monday, August 12, 2013

Dinosaur to Calgary to Kennels

post from last friday...

Yesterday we had an uneventful drive from Dinosaur Provincial Park, to our campsite at Calgary West. The campground is right off the Trans Canada, which is the same highway we had travelled on from Dinosaur. Strangely though, it took us right through the middle of Calgary, on a road filled with traffic. We would have rejoiced at the opportunity to see some of the city, were it not for the fact that our trailer actually took up the whole width of the lane...

Needless to say, we were happy to find our campground. We are just west of the Olympic ski jump in a park that is packed awning to awning. Thankfully we aren't here to relax at the camper. What makes it just a bit (okay A LOT) worse is that our door faces the neighbors door - there is perhaps 20' between us. Yuck.

This morning we took a drive north of Calgary to drop the dogs in the kennel. Oh my gosh was it hard to leave them! As soon as we entered the area with the kennels and all the dogs started barking, Kabira put the brakes on and started back peddling - she wanted OUT OF THERE!!!! I will admit to almost breaking down in tears. Spike carried on bravely, even though I could see him shaking like a leaf. Bella was pretty freaked out too. It was so chaotic and loud that I couldn't give them a little hug and tell them we'd be back tomorrow. I hope they know.

After dropping them off we hit Costco, drove through Calgary to a little pet store that carries EVO (dog food), and picked up some stuff up at Safeway. Now we will be getting ready for the wedding - ceremony at 3:30.

Happy Tails!