Friday, August 9, 2013

Dinosaur Provincial Park

We were here for Tues, Wed, Thu nights, leaving on Friday morning for Calgary.

The first word the comes to mind is WOW! What a place. As we drove up through the prairies we started getting glimpses of badlands, but just teasers... then up over a little rise and spread out before us was another world.



We got checked in and settled into our site - a huge one backing onto a hill with hoodos and strange features. We had a clump of sage growing, a good size tree for shade, and lots of sparse grass. It is one of the nicest sites we've had (although I will admit to liking the far away views in Medicine Hat better).

With no internet available we got the satellite dish set up. This time there was a bigger “window” to aim through.



It wasn't long after we were all set up that Kirsten, Shenna and Nissa arrived. They were coming to stay with us for one night (before another tearful goodbye). We donned our long pants and soaked ourselves with bug spray then headed out for a walk hoping to see some interesting geology. We were not disappointed. This place is just out of this world! It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we can certainly see why. I think the photos will do a far better job at describing!





At bedtime Kirsten and the girls got our room - Nissa slept on the thick foam dog bed! Carm and I took the sofa bed in the living room. We haven't used it before so it took us a few minutes to figure the whole thing out (and remember that I have to get the bedding out of the drawer BEFORE setting up the bed - dooh! It is an air bed with a thick, comfortable mattress so we had a great sleep.

Wednesday at noon Kirsten left with the girls (we all tried hard not to cry), to go to Drumheller, then Calgary where they left on Thursday to go back to NZ. It is hard having them live so far away...

After they left, Carm and I went to the on-site museum where we enjoyed the displays, and then a film about how they are finding out that some dinosaurs had feathers, and what colours they were. It was very interesting.





The rest of the afternoon was spent reading, taking the dogs for a walk, and then going out for supper to the Patricia Hotel - home of the steak pit. It is a western theme place, with a grill where you cook your own steak. We had huge t-bones that were so tender they almost melted in our mouths. Oh my they were good.





Thursday wasn’t the greatest day – it was cold and spitting rain. But that was okay as Carm wasn’t feeling well, and it gave me time to catch up on my blog writing and naps. Plus we’ve had so many days on the go, having one day to read and rest is a good thing!

The only downside to this campground is the mosquitoes and sandflies. We've been lucky for the most part with a good breeze so it hasn't been too bad, but when the breeze dies down, look out!  But even with the bugs, if we are ever in this part of the world with the camper again we will certainly spend a few days here! I highly recommend anyone who is passing through the area spend a night or two (or three!).

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau


DSCN2569 Where are we going now!!

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