Friday, August 2, 2013

Kirsten and Family Arrive

Let's see - I think the last time I wrote we were off to Uncle Graham's for supper. We had a wonderful time and then just as we were about to go back to the camper, Kirsten and Shawn, and the girls came in the door. Hugs all around and we stayed for a while longer.

The next morning (Thursday) we waited for them to come by the camper and then we all went out for a long walk. It was hot, and I think we were all beat by the time we got back. But there was Costco to visit. They were like kids in a candy store looking at all the stuff. They were pretty restrained though and only got a few things that will surely fit in their suitcases.

Carm and I came back to the camper after that, while they went to the Western bling store. As soon as they were back here we piled into our vehicles to go to Echo Dale, the location of the reunion. Carm helped with some of the setup, I'm afraid I didn't do much as I wasn't feeling well. The dogs got to have some off leash time at ED, Spike went particularly crazy. He could have stayed off leash, but started following his nose... I didn't want him getting lost!

Finally just after 9 we left to come back to the camp.

It doesn't seem like it was particularly busy, but somehow the day wizzed by. It was wonderful spending the time with everyone.

The reunion starts this afternoon with a chili supper. I've got to get busy and make my contribution!

Happy Tails!

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  1. Have a great time! I wonder what it is about reunions and chili? They always seem to go together:)