Friday, August 23, 2013

A long, long day

We left the Cypress Hills at 7:45 – right on schedule. We had a good 8 hours of driving ahead of us as we wanted to get to Brandon tonight.



DSCN3308 what do you mean 8 hours??

As we drove the landscape changed from bad lands prairie to open flat prairie to slightly treed farmland. All of it was pretty. I didn’t get any good photos as the sun was on my side of the truck!


Just after we passed Regina (about the 1/2 way point), the trailer brakes suddenly jammed on, screeching us to an abrupt halt from 105km/hr. Can you say “scary”? The tires were smoking. A walk around revealed that something had caught the trailer break-away cable, engaging the emergency stop brakes. Oh dear. (dear was not the actual word that left our mouths). It looked like we would be safe to travel on until we were at a better place to do a further check.

DSCN3322 Is everything okay?

Sure enough, once we were off the road we could see that one of our tires is pretty fubar`d, and another slightly so. The truck driver who was parked beside us thought that both tires would make it all the way home, but who knows. We will get the emergency roadside assistance to come out to the campground tomorrow to put our spare tire on to be on the safe side.

Anyway, we made it to Brandon safely, have had our supper and showers and are ready for a quiet night. My head is still spinning from all the travelling. I’m sure Carm’s head must be worse!


DSCN3328 we made it!!!