Saturday, August 31, 2013

Life’s a Beach!

Pancake Bay Provincial Park on Lake Superior.

The sites here are heavily treed, but we managed to squeeze the villetta in just fine (getting out might be harder!). The problem with trees though are the huge amounts of mosquitos…



Wednesday night, just before the sun was about to set, I dragged Carm off to the beach. I wanted to have a swim and watch a bit of the sunset. The people beach is just a few steps away from where we are (the dog beach is much further), so it was an easy walk. And there I was – swimming in Lake Superior at sunset! How special is that :-)  I didn’t bring my camera, but since Carm was watching from shore I should have slung it over his shoulder. We didn’t stay until the sun was fully down, as frankly I couldn’t feel my legs anymore! (the water is a tad cold)


Thursday was one of those perfect summer days that you just want to go on forever. It was warm, hot even. The breeze off the lake was ever so slightly cool. The beach was fairly deserted. The sand was warm and the water was just the right amount of cold. Lovely.

After taking the dogs for a good walk we dropped them off at the trailer and loaded ourselves up with chairs, umbrella (again!), drinks, snacks and books. It wasn’t much of a walk to the beach, just a minute or two, so we were set up and ready to swim in no time.



We were in and out of the water a few times, I thought for sure we would burn, but I guess I  slathered enough sun screen on to keep me mostly safe. Plus I wore that great shirt I got at Big Bass Pro Shop in Calgary. I’ve worn it a few times to keep the sun off (spf of 50).



After we were back from the beach (not till 4pm!), we walked the dogs again and then went for a drive – can’t get enough of that driving you know. We found a spot that has wi-fi, but not very good bandwidth so I couldn’t post my blogs.


I guess it was good to get a hair cut on my face… are we going to stay here a while so I can go to the beach again?

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