Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friendly Manitoba

Noonish or is it already past 1pm? We are sitting at the side of the road, waiting for roadside assistance... thankfully I brought a shade umbrella - and stowed it in the side compartment. Thankfully too we have the cooler bandanas, as it is 32C - hot, hot, hot and hardly a breeze.

DSCN3340Are we really going to drive all day again?

Later in the day - sitting beside the camper at the Kal Tire shop in Steinbeck, Manitoba. This was not one of our scheduled stops, but after a blow-out on the Trans Canada about 10km east of St. Anne (where we stopped for gas and the prairie ended), we have to re-evaluate all of our tires. It seems that the abrupt stop the other day did some major damage on at least two of the tires. Time to replace the rest.


As we were driving down the highway, Carm caught sight of something in his side-mirror. He quickly pulled over so we could take a look. One of the driver side tires was totally shredded, and in the process it took out the hydraulic brake line. Ouch.

The ERS service was good again, but it did take a while to get a tow-truck to us on a Sunday afternoon. The guy (Jason) that did come was totally awesome - he changed the tire in no time flat (thank goodness Carm got that new spare yesterday), and then directed us to the Kal Tire where we are parked now. He got there ahead of us and ran an electrical cord outside for us, cleared a few truck tires from a breezeway, helped Carm put a bit more water in the tank, and helped us back into a covered breezeway. He really could not have been more helpful - and way cheerful to boot.


And speaking of Friendly Manitoban's, almost as soon as the blow-out happened a person from a neighbouring home was out to offer assistance. We chatted for a while and once he was sure the ERS was coming he headed back on his way. Not long after another neighbour dropped by with offers to help. He even left us with his phone number and offers to take us to his house.

DSCN3346what are we doing now?

No one on the Trans Canada stopped though. Perhaps we looked like we had stopped for a picnic with our umbrella and picnic blanket. I suppose we could have had one while we waited, but both of us had lost our appetite.... (for the moment!).


So now we are sitting outside, we've got the carpet out so the dogs don't lay on the dusty cement (good luck with that, Bella and Spike are on the cooler cement), we've got our folding chairs out, and we've had a little snack and a cold beer. There is a nice breeze blowing, making it much cooler to be outside than in. In fact the inside of the trailer is at 92F. It might be a rough sleep with no air conditioning tonight. We have power, but only 15amps, just enough to run some fans and hopefully the coffee maker.




So much for Rushing River - for tonight. Hopefully we'll be good to go by noon tomorrow and we'll get there at last.



Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

Rabindranath Tagore