Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hook, Line & Sink’rd

Yesterday we had a fantastic time at my cousin Jeff’s wedding. They had originally planned it to be at the Calgary Zoo, by the elephant exhibit, but alas, flooding has closed much of the zoo.

It is amazing, but they managed to put together an equally unique wedding. The ceremony took place at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel in downtown Calgary. It was a non-denominational ceremony with many interesting features. As we entered the “chapel”, we were given a smooth stone onto which we wrote a word or phrase relating to marriage. I wrote Joy. We were to hold the stone throughout the ceremony, letting the energy and love flow into the stone. At the end they were collected into a container for the new couple to keep in their home.

After the ceremony we dashed back to the camper to pick up some overnight clothes – Mom & Dad had a spare room in their hotel suite so we spent the night there so we could see Olaf, Tammy and Freya in the morning before they left to go back to NZ.


The reception was at Heritage Park (somewhat like Upper Canada Village), with the cocktails outside by the amusement park! What fun! I did convince myself to go up on the Ferris wheel, despite my fear of heights. They had just finished loading up when they started unloading with no spinning around – it turns out they were having trouble with the BRAKES!!!! Needless to say I breathed a sigh of relief when we got off.



The dinner was held inside a period hotel – the setting was lovely with pressed tin ceilings, press back chairs, and other decor from the 1800s. The meal itself was fantastic. A buffet with roast beef, salmon, ravioli, and numerous salads. There were several desserts to choose from, and a candy bar in the other room. I think I’ll have to let out that belt another hole.


Then of course were the speeches which were all well done, and finally, my favourite part of a wedding – the dancing! The band was fantastic and led off with a rocking Johnny Cash tune. Carm and I danced and danced. I love to dance! I wish there was somewhere fun to go on a regular basis with dancing – but I’m too old for the “clubs”!


This morning we weren’t up particularly early, but did have time to have a leisurely breakfast with Mom, Dad, Olaf, Tammy, Freya and Tammy’s parents. Then it was time for a tearful goodbye. While these visits are wonderful, they are hard to end. I think we were all clinging to the van as they headed off to the airport.

Carm and I spent the rest of the day with Mom & Dad, the highlight of which was a visit to Outdoor World – Big Bass Pro Shop! I thought of my friend Jennifer who is an outdoor enthusiast and likes guns, and archery. She would have loved it here. Apparently there are around 500 stuffed animals – and by stuffed, I don’t mean cute little teddy bears – I mean deer, bears, wolves, caribou, moose – the real deal. It was pretty cool. I have a place in my house that a pair of antlers would be perfect for!





There was a long counter with guns, a whole section for archery, clothes (I was tempted to get some camo!), and everything else hunting that you can imagine. It was pretty cool.



It was a long day though as we were waiting for 5pm to roll around so we could pick up the dogs from the kennel. Finally it was time. I don’t know who was more excited, us or the dogs. They are all in one piece though, and crashed out on their beds. I don’t think they slept much.

I think all of us will be having a good sleep tonight!