Monday, December 16, 2013

Habitual Nourishment–Just how nourishing?

I haven’t run my foods through the caloriecount.about website for a while to double check that I’m getting all my nutrients. I like to check now and again, mainly so that I can refute claims that I can’t be getting enough protein if I’m not eating meat, and where do my calcium and iron come from… A plant-based diet CAN be healthy, as long as you keep away from process foods and too many grains, especially wheat flour.

The amazing thing is that with such a nutrient rich diet my body is not hungry all the time, in its drive to meet its nutritional requirements. Sure, sometimes I think about a chicken shwarma, or bowl of pasta, but I consider those cravings more of an addiction, rather than the need for nutrients.

The results show that I’m on track nutritionally. Fats are a little high (too many seeds and nuts); iron is a little low, but just a smidge; sodium was higher than I expected, but since the doctor told me to eat more I guess it is okay – and it shows just how much sneaks into our food even when we are trying to keep the number lowish!

We were out of mixed baby greens and I suspect if I had them for lunch, along with the spinach in my smoothie (too frozen to add yesterday), then even my iron number would be well above the RDA.





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