Friday, December 20, 2013

You say 'Potato', I say 'Potato'

Yes, it is snowing AGAIN! If this isn’t the snowiest December ever, it has to be in the running. I dug out my snowshoes this morning and took a little tour in the hay field. It was good to get out into that deep snow, but my bindings kept coming off so it was a pita.

Bella came with me, but I put the other two back into the house. Kabira was cold, and Spike… lets just say that after yesterday’s play he wasn’t in the mood to freeze. The poor little guy was COVERED in golf ball sized snowballs – the snow was packed onto his belly and between his legs. I had to help him get some of it off, but even still he was snow covered. I’m pretty sure he must have remembered as he was in the house like a shot when the door was opened.

Today we started the herculean task of making lefse for our Norwegian Christmas dinner. Due to family changes we’ll be having it on the 23rd, so I had to get cracking. First step – peel and boil 4 lbs of potatoes. Next, add in all the butter, salt, sugar, milk and mash until smooth and fluffy – that’s Carm’s job  - he’s the masher. Now it is in the fridge until tomorrow.

You know you’ve been on a diet (with no potatoes), when licking the masher (not Carm!) is a treat. Kinda like the beaters when making a cake or cookies. TASTY! All that creamy butter and salt… yummmm.

What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow. ~ A.A. Milne

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  1. A friend of ours served lefse at a potluck one year... most folks didn't know what they were and thought they were tortillas. Do you serve lutefisk as well?