Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bright and Sunny... mostly

Sunday morning Spike had me up at 8am exactly... I'm pretty sure he has a precision clock hidden somewhere. But I could see blue sky through the ceiling vent, so I dragged myself out of bed to take the dogs out for their morning relief. It was sunny, but cold.

After coffee, and a walk to the field we stuck the dogs in the bedroom with some music, and headed to the flea market. I had thought to get my hair cut, but with 3 people ahead of me I decided it could grow a bit more. So we just walked the labyrinth of aisles looking for treasures. I picked up a little white casserole dish with a lid for just $5. One of the outside booths was from a nursery, and as luck would have it he had what I was looking for to put in the front bed. It is a red leafed plant (coral bells, chocolate ruffles) that shouldn't get too big. I have a spot picked out for it.

We were really just killing time until lunch! We had it in our minds to have a club sandwich at the Basket Case - one of the best clubs ever. We were just sitting down and at a table near us saw Manny and his girlfriend. Manny works for the garage (417 AutoTech), that we have been using for close to 25 years. Manny started there about 20 years ago, and has done most of the work on our vehicles since then. It is nice to have a mechanic that you trust. Anyway, we sat with them and enjoyed our lunch. (did I mention that he's a young hottie in a dark, fit, mechanic, that cooks as well, sort of way?)

By the time we picked up a few groceries and got back to the camp the clouds had taken over much of the sky, and the wind had picked up. It felt cold. So we spent another afternoon snugged up inside, only emerging for a short walk for the dogs.  At one point near the supper hour I stepped outside and was "assailed" with the fragrance of meat cooking over fire. Oh my! If the grocery store had been open we would have rushed out for a few steaks. I guess I'll never truly be 100% vegan!

So I guess the day was okay... it certainly could have been worse.

Clouds suit my mood just fine.” ― Marie Lu, Champion